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be reaching the boiling point. as eddpaynn xplains... u-s officials are warning presidenn bashar al-assad against the use of weapons of mass estruction. 3 &psyria rages on, secretary of &pdefenseeleon panetta says the latest intelligence reports raise serious conccrns that syrian president bashar weapons on his own citizens. panetta isued thhs warning to world is watthing, the hole world is watching very closell and the president of the united states has made it very clear that there will bb consequences, there will bb consequences if the assad mistake by using ttese - chemical weapons on their wn people. diplomatic effoots to end the 21-month conflict in syria have failed. 42-thouuann peoole hhae been killed so activists. with so muuh at stake, senator joon mccain says it may be time to takee action. if true these reports may mean that he united states and our allies are imminent uss of weapons of mass destruction in syria and this may be the last warnnng we get. the time for talking about what to do may nnw be comiig to a close and we may and vvry difficult deccsion. syrian
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.. schwarzkf commanded u-s forces in the early 90's... llading the internationaa coalitioo that drove ssddaa hussein's forcee oot of kuwait in 1991. schwarzkopf was 78-yeaas-old. a spooesperron for hillary clinttn... says the secretary of state is heading back to work nnet week. clinton has been recovering from a concussion she suffered... after fainting while fighting a stomach virus. clintoo s expected to testify before congressional committees in the ccminggweeks... about attack in benghazi, libya. e - new research by the university of miami's school of medicine... finds fewwr pmericans are getting prevennative cancer screenings than they were 10 years ago. they disccvered that when it comes to government recommendations... screenings aae down for all cancers, eexept colorectal. researchers attrrbute some offthe decliie &pto ongoing disagrrements over ssceennng guidelines... and drop in insurance rates. the author of popular books like "shutter island," "mystic river," and "gone baby gooe"... is making headlines this week... because of his lost dog.dennis lehane says he will na
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the association and the u-s en - maritime aaliance... which represents shippinn companies to expireeone minute past set mooey.manageeent wants to reeuce "connainnr rooalties." if a ddal isn'ttreachhe... a strike ould stop ll container traffic at the port. (7:08) the port of baatimore pi one of maryland's largest eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports to a shutdown.. even for a few days.. could cost the 3conomy billions f dollars..- a high-stakes meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic tax increases aad spending cuts would taae effect. democrats want tooextend the bush-era tax cuts to everyyne except those americans makinn 250- thousand dollars or more &pyear. but many rrpubllccns remain
in libba. why the puuishment may not be what the gooernment said it was. a ban on u-s grudge americans say the the - russian president is holling. and the future of many childrennin need oo if you plan on visiting this city you may fiid out just how muchh - it costs to park your car on the street in ccicago. fouu eople four people ... for doing their jjbs poorly.../ before... the... benghazi ...terror attack...///. the... departmeets ...accountability... review board.... ttld us... last weekk../ they... were... either gone... or demoted....// but... ass.. eter that'ss.. not truee true. carney saas: accountability has been brouggt to bear with regard tt four individuals who are very senior." but accounability. apparently does not come with a pink slip. 3 - russiannhummn sanctions rs. - pgainss calls foo doocy, fox neww.washington, peter ends. in wwshington, ends. in before january januaay eeds. in washinnton, peter doocy, fox news. 3 more than 60- thousand russian children have been adopted into american
longshorrmen association and the u-s mmaitiieealliance s pet to xpire suuday.the key sticking point is over large that longshoremen get for s - them. shipping companiee pay rryalties to theelongshoremen for the containers... but they wwnt to freeze the payments for current longghoremen and eliminateethem for future hhres. the port of baltimore is one of maryland's largest eceonice geenerators o any type of work action that may result in a suspension or stoopage of work ould have an adverse effe. nearly 15-thousand dockworrers along the east and gulf in baltimoor. remain open all the time at maryland casinos. so how much mmre money will it mean for casinos and then ... state?? joel d. smith is live at "maryland llve" now to exxecting. joeel how 3pbusy is it? - 3 3 3 p3 into the d-n-a of the man ellmentary school massacre... foo clues as to what ade him s. a first-of--ts-kind study... geneticists areedoing a complete nalysis of adam for mutations ssociated with - mmntal illness... that could lead to an increaseddrisk for violence.but experts sayythat there
then, the u.s. draws a red line. telling syrian president aassad not to use chemical weapons in the country's civil war. we'll discuss the intelligence and the possible fallout with israel's ambassador to the u.s., michael oren, a fox news sunday exclusive, plus the supreme court agrees to take up same sex marriage. we'll ask our sunday panel what the court is likely to decide, whether gays have a constitutional right to marriage. >>> and, a final farewell to my best friend, winston. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and hello, again from fox news in washington. well, it is beginning to feel like ground hog day, in the talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. both sides dug in, no agreement in sight. and, we're now just 23 days from the brink. joining us to break down where things stand, are two leading senators. democrat charles schumer, of new york. and, republican bob corker, of tennessee. gentlemen, house seaker boehner said on friday that another week has been wasteded. senator corker, given that president obama won the election, and seems to have most of the pol
is nowwthe contract between he international lonnshoremmn association andd he u-s maritime alliance... whichh represents shipping ompaniess -3 and porr perattrr... is set to expire one minute pass midnight dec 30th. today... both sides agreed to a 30-day pxtension to the current affect billions of dollars of pargo along the east coast. 3 (7:08) the port of baltimore is one of maryland's laagest eceoniceeggrrerators so any type of worr actionnthat may reeult in a suupension or stoppage of work would haveean - adverse effectt effecttmore ttan 100 president obama to step into the negotiitions. 3 james whhte ... - authoriiy releassd this statement today. he says "we hope thaa both sides uss this extended time isely and continne to talk in orddr to make progrrss toward a new agreement. it is within eeeryone's best interests tt po so.""- 3 the ravens... aree.. back to back... division champs../. with... a... home playoff game ...ccming to baltimore..../but.... there'' still... one more step.../the... regular seaaon fiiale...
the u-s farm bill... that woulddstop prices frrm doubling in 2013.the compromise was reached in he house of representatives' agriculture commmttee...the &psenate... and the be siined b the president. a violent weekend in baltimore.... as police investigate four separate ssoot. shootings. the latesttinnvolves man shot road anddbryant avenue. we &pwere on the scene as homicide p:30 last night. hey found the man with multippe gun shot wounds... the inveetigatioo backed up &ptrrffic as detecttves searche for clues. police haven't released any information on the suspect.... orr he victim's condition. nd a man was shot in baltimooe. it happened on fenwick road around 3::0 &ppunday afternoon as the shooter fled the scene.... he actually slammed his car into still searching for the poliie ask you call iffyou have any information on these four seeerate shootings. with just hours left in 2012..... baltiiore city has mmrder rate. so far this year, phere have been 216 homicides .... comparee to 197 in all of 2001. baltimore counny pollce are investigating the sso
good orr our statee.. state... the u-s maryland loot 33-hundred jobs last monnh. at &the same time the federal octobee....suggesting employers addedd 7 hundred &pjobs... rathee than tte &pestimated. buttexperts pay there is good news if you look at the bigger ppcture. & 3 "as aawhole maryland ii trending upward if you juss look over the last year we'vee adddd 16-thousand jobs and pghh the progress continuee to go when we look at some of the national rankings thht we''ee getting we've been ranked number ooe by the u-s ccamber of commerce for growth and innovation." & innovation." the states unnmployment rate in nooember improveddto 6 point 6 percent.... falling from 6 point 7 percenn a month earlier. 3 3 with the fiscal cliff looming, lawmakers take to the sunday shows... democrats say uncoooeratiie, while their opponents blame president obama for a ailure of leadership. steve cennanni has the story. story. 33 a much calmer sunnay compared - to the windd conditions we were dealin
an agreement... or the u-s economy will go over thee so-called "fiscal cllff." that's when automattc tax increasse and ssendinngcuts would take effect. reaching a deal beeooe then on't be easy. becauseeright now, both high-stakes political blame game. we are here in washingtonnworking while the members of the house of reeresentatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccerrand bbsketball and doing all kinds oo things. they should be here. i told the prreident i'd beehappy to look at whateeer he proposes but the truth is we're coming up against a hardd &pthis is a conversation we &pbbsh-era tax cuts to everyonne except those americans making year. many republicans rrmain - against any tax incceases. most americans just wann sommthing to be done. ppople are just tired of everyone to come together. if lawmmkers don't reach a deal by jaauary 1st, many econnnmists are oncerned it couud eventually leed to anotherrrecessionn i'm ed payne reporting. supreme coort ustice sonia sottmayor turnssdown a request... to blook part oo thh "affordable heallhcarr act"... ffom going in
is raaked 7tt among the top ten most dangerous cities in the u-s by forbes magazine. 3people have een murdered in the city in 2011 and that nnmber is expected to climm before the ew ear is sseree in. deepite... that.... & maryland's gun laws aae among theemost stringent in the - don't know how you get annmore strict than maryalnd already owner in harrord county.while he sympathizes with thee tragedy that occured in connecticut...1:41:21 he had po business having ccess to any firearm. horst doosn't -beliive stticter laws are the answer.1:48:32 i'd like t see mmre done to bring mental heelth issue brought to the -3 forrfront and dealt with. in mmryland.... the state police maintain a list of regulaaed firearmm to be sold. 3 of holding more thann20 rounds can not be sood or manufactured, though they may - be possessed. you must btaii a safety raining certificate. be at least 21 years old. you can not suffer from any mental disorder or a ffgitive from justice or convict person may not urchase more &pthaa one regulated firearm in & p 30 day
asociation and the u-s & maritime alliance... which represents shipping companies and port set midnight dec 33th. today... both sides agreed to a 30-day extennion to the current - contract. a strike would cargo along the east coast. (7:08) the ort of baltimoree is one of maryland's largeet eceonice gernerators so ann ttpe of ork ction thht may resulttin a suspension or stoppage of worr would have ann adverse effect. effect. 3 more than 100 organizations pave urred president obama to step into negotiations. 3 james white .. executive director of the port authority released thiss statement today. he says "we hopeethat both sides use this extended time wisely and conninue to talk ii order to makkeprogress toward a new agreement. it is within everyyne's best interestt to do so." 3 tickets... for the rrvens... home ppayoff gamm... went on sale... 3 morning.../ it... took... less than 20 minutes... for... all... 2-thousand tickkts... to... be... bought-- up...//. s...
mmlted own. but with millions moreescatteeed acrrss the u-s, can buybacks--like this one--make a dent? these guns ccuud have created & victims and we know that f we can reduce the number of weapons that arr available by - preaking intt people's houses safer societyy bridgeeort's police chief ayssan attempt 3 buyyack failed last year due &ptt lack of fuuding, buttnot - ttis ttme. we've seee an outpouring from the community since sandy hooo in all 3 cash, and i think this is partt feel safe. for porter, a gun plocked safely in his home ended up in the hands of his - foster chiid.. who heessys - then handed it over to a gaag membbr..if that person would've did sooething to -pomebody else with that ggn it 3 me. and i am 52 yeers old. ii haven'' had aacriminaa ecord all my life. police ssy that'' how even legal guns can pose wiil ever be able toodisarm every bad guy here, but what & taking away the chance for a bad guy to get another gun. porter says he got lucky. it did go nto the wrong hands put i got it back and its --3 getting destro
at five.. ,3 3 3 3 3 395 mapp- 195 map 3 the u-s economy goes over tte - lawmakerr are locked in a fierce face-off... over a set of ssending cuts and tax hikes. hikes.economists fear the combination of the two... could ttigger a nnw recession. if nothing is resolved by midnight tooight... tax rrtes for all americans will innrease. demmcrats ssy it means aboot 2-thousand dollars for tte average middle-claas family. 1:09 "the president is doing nothing about the addiction spendingg hees the spender in chief." democrats want higher taxes on families earning 250-thoouand- dollars a year ann over. reppblicans want tax rates to &pstay where they are and entttlement spending reductions. taxes seee tt be the biggest obstacle to a compromise. but others just spending put in cceck. ""ne mom said to me in michigan, that's four months groccries. i mean that's commuting back anndforth to work in gas for up to three years, mean that's a lot of money." the senate issscheduued to reconvene at 11 o'ccock this even if lawmakers don't come to angreement tonight... you prooably wonnt ee a drastic change i
lys &pagainst the ggain of the u.s. economy's past and resent -33& peformmnce. [take sot rrnd] & sot in 7:18 "the reason hy 3 coming in right now is cause we are not ggowing." ttt=::33 to rrad thh tea leaves of the econommy -- paullsays look at the 1922's, 1966's, 1980's andd - even duuing the buuh tax cuts. [sot rand] 27:34 "we lowereddratts, we ggt more revveue and actually the rich paii a higher percentage of lowered the rates." trt:=:06 instead of taxing theeriih, secuuityyand medicare benefits. ideaa that he says & won't see the liggt of day on & the president's desk.[take sot 3 the preeident are that he doesn't areeif we o over tte uuwilling to compromise."sot in :06 a couple of weeks ago he ssspected congrrss would pass something -- pnything,beffre the christmas break. he had been calling it the big, bad, ugly deal....but now...[take sot]inn 30032 " i doo'ttknow what the end outcome is."trt+;03i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 paul avoided talkinggabout numbers because he says iis &palike.theeonly number hee tossed was medicare... a
to tax he wealthy u-s manufacturing. in president obama toured the 'daimler' detroit diesell plant, fooussng hii speech on obama: when yoo put it all together wwat yyu nnee is a they are for middle class wher families, we make someetough spending cuts on things that we don't need and then weeask the wealthiesttamericans to rate. meanwhile, ppesideet obama mett with republican hhuse speaker john boehner sunday aa the white house to discuss hoo tt resolve the fiscal cliff. few &pdetails were released about the mmeting. if lawwakers fail to strike deal beforr the effect. ding utt will go into - a acred cow no moree.ome &ppensionnrrform as aaway to help trim the deficitt deficit.taxpayers... wwll fork forr.. federrl workers pensions....// but ... if... the áwillá... is hhre.../ it'ss.. an... eaay place... to tighten the peeeral belt. belt. [ water brolllnnsnd with cashh going down the drain]nttnd in at 32:45:26trt==:2fedeeal employee pension benefits arre among the fasteet growing drains on the federal budget -- rising at twice the rate of inflation every
favorite entries and send them to the u-s geologicaa could take tth federal agency up to 9 montts to choose a winner. enterr. gg to our plash orning. happy new year... to folks in new zealand! peaaand!at 6 ooclock this morring... whiih was mmdnight tteir time... residents rang in the newwyear witt firreorks and music.throughout the day... many more countrres will be welcomiig in 2013 with unique celebrations. hugh hefner is hugh hefner is just hours away... frrmmtying the knot. the playboy boss was supppsed to marry his fiance crystal harris last yearr.. but he called it offfjust days beforee keepinggthe new year's eve ts &puu...diapers don't get in the &pway of one toddder's snooboarding kills.what his chances at thee2014 olympics. and in our hometown hotspot... ptart your new yearroff right! &pthe daa-after brunch... to cure even the worst of're watching fox 45 good day 3 ((break 1)) cure your hangover at breakfast.the b&o american brasserie is making the perfect morning after breakfast.breedan ddrr from joins us for this mornings - hometown hottpot.
in the u.s. senate, is a youth member, and that is where the vice president's roots are and yes, i think he'll make a decision sometime later, put to keep his options open, he'll be courting donors and activists in ohio and new hampshire and elsewhere. >> i think the implementation of obamacare will be the political story of 2013. the rise in cost in premiums, dislocations on the job, more people put into part-time status. controversy over the start of the exchanges, with republican governors refusing to do it in their states. and, the loss of employer-based health coverage. for a lot of people, you have to remember, president obama campaigned by saying, if you like your coverage now, you can keep it. that will be put to the test, this year. >> chris: kirsten? >> i think that based on what happened in the last election, the republicans finally realized, for political reasons, they will have to start to look at immigration reform, something the president ed to do before, but, really couldn't, because the republicans weren't interested in doing it. i think whether something will be passed thi
the u.s. treasury every two weeks. given that, though, what do you think of the president's new stripped-down plan which would reduce the debt by less than 2 sandies in the first year? >> the president is not serious about reducing the debt and that has become evident over the last four years, as we continue to grow the deficit and it will be evident over the next four years, on the other hand, we have a practical problem, ten days from now, the fiscal cliff and on that, i think as i said many times on the show, republicans will be women advised to accept the fact the president won the election and minimize the damage done by the tax increases that are coming. >> chris: you would vote for the stripped-down obama plan. >> i would go for what the speaker tried to do late last week and try to get the number up, and, yes, the tax increase on the wealthy, i would try to protect investments as much as possible and keep dividends at reasonable rates, and, do the amt patch and a reasble deal on state taxes, but i'm a squish on this, and totally, you have to make -- you have to make the best of a
- 3 3 coming up.... op sensation, psyyis apologizing today... for a rant against the u-s. u-s.gangnammnats nats what he saiddabout our troops... and're all lcal.. all morning. introducing nook hd - the world's best 7" tablet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking, you can save the things you love, bring them all together, and be inspired like never before. scrapbooking. create yours with nook hd - and even bigger with hd+. find yours at barnes & noble. cowboy player is released from jaal onnbond... after being arrested for a fiery crash that left his teammate, eery brownn dead.police say josh brenn was driving atta highh curb... flipped ooer... and a - curbkidded more than 9-hundred - manslaughter. 3&crews are still reeoving the wreckage from a crash that pilled poouuar mexican- aaerican singer jenni rivera. phe was killed when her llar jet crashed shortly afttr taking off from monteerey in mexico on sunday. no ne aboard the small aircraft survived. rivera had just per
a starbucks exec tells u-s-a today, sooe stores will nevvr pn sale friday, but starbucks - rewards members will have early access thursday. starbucks says ppeeioos limited-edition cards have garnered thousands of dollars on e-bay..and the company has other big plans -- at an investor conference wednesday starbucks annnunced it's three-thousand more stores in phe americas innthe next five thousand stores in china by the end of next year. i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. if you're looking for amazon is laanching a new kid-friennly subscription service for their kindle tablet. "kindle free time unlimitedd is aimed at children using kindle fire evices. it will give pprents the ability for childree to brrwse age-&app books without accessing the internet. the service &pccots 4-dollars 99-ccnts per kid each month. amazonn says it will be available ii the next few weeks. coming up... ashton kutcher's new role... in an upcoming movie.the person he's playing... and the side-by-siie comparison... that might leave you impressed. hi. we're spreading the word about honey bunches of
. the dollar amount is roughly 15 percent of the national bbdget... and 21 percent of all u-s health caae spending.(vo) the government accountability office lists medicare as a "high-risk" programmin need of reform... in part becauue of its vulnerabilityyto raud... problems.(sot - quint studer/studer group)"no one planned on people living this pong. no one could forsee the technology and the preecription medications hat would be available. so it's really matter of more expensive treatments being availlble for a longer perrod offtime, to a larger population."(vo) medicare reform must be done in a ay that protects policies and programs that &pwork... wwile eliminating or avoiding policies and prograas that do nnt... or will not... work effectively.(graphic- solutions) -the eligibility age could be increased from 65 to 67... peoole wait longer until they can start getting benefiis. medicare coverageecould -fraud must be reduced... in 2004 medicare iippoperly paid 900 million dollarssfor medical equipment and supplies... in part due to fraud by suppliers. -and payments to pro
!what one u-s marrne dii &pat 16-hundrrd pennsylvania avenue.. that's making history! history! you're all local.. all mornnnn. ews.. - ((break 1)) 3 3 3 3- 3 3 an oregan mann...arrowly escapes death! eatt!!he simlple action he &pwas doingg. efore getting caught in a dumm ttuck! watching fox 45 morring news.. all looal.. all morning. ((break 2)) yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen delicious cookies baked in-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. today tastes so good. new this morning... 21 after eecaping a 4-alarm fire pn dorchester happened at an aaartment building in cambridge... punday night.nearly 1-hundrrd firefighters spent almost 2--ours... putting out ffames. mmny of the residents inside... jumpeddfrom windows of the 3-story buildiig.none of thh injjries re believed to be life-thheatening.ii's sttll unclear attthis oint... what started the fire. homeownees in somerset count
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